Selling this year?  With improving weather and spring in the air it’s time to get outside and take a good hard and objective look at your home and property through the eyes of a buyer.  It’s time to wash away that winter grunge that’s clinging to your home and exterior surfaces.

Start from the top down as your cleaning efforts don’t need to be done twice and pressure washers can make a mess if not done methodically.


If there’s moss on your roof start there with a chemical treatment (powered sunlight dishwasher detergent works well and is non toxic) and then clean out your eaves and don’t forget to wash the gutter faces.  Next, wash down any siding, decks and railings.  Turn down the pressure if you notice paint start to flake off.  Horizontal surfaces exposed to weather need the most attention and this includes sidewalks and driveway.  Careful on stamped concrete not to get lap marks.  There’s a special rotating head attachment specifically for this purpose that can be rented or your pressure washer.  Save windows for last.  Nothing says more to a buyer about a cared for home than clean, clean, clean.  I’ve used and can highly recommend Armstrong Cleaners who are local professional cleaners that specialize in roof, gutter and window cleaning if you need help with your property.


Short of painting and cosmetic improvements cleaning will give you the best return on your dollar when it comes to selling your home.