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Fall Maintenance – Protect Your Investment!

Regular maintenance of your home is key. A regular schedule of seasonal maintenance can put a stop to the most common – and costly – problems before they occur. While most maintenance is year round, here are a few important tasks to take care of

Fall Maintenance – Protect Your Investment!2021-03-12T00:28:34+00:00

Financing a Foreclosure

Many people look at purchasing a foreclosure because the price is right.  If you are thinking of buying one, here are some things you should know; Once a property is listed as a foreclosure on the MLS it has gone to a court ordered sale. 

Financing a Foreclosure2021-03-12T00:28:49+00:00

HST!?!? What is going to happen?

What’s the deal with the HST anyway? Good question and one that I am getting asked all the time in my new home open houses. Will the HST be repealed? If so, and I pay HST, will I get it back? (not likely). I don’t

HST!?!? What is going to happen?2021-03-12T00:29:48+00:00

A #1 Thanks to you!

I would like to extend a very personal thank you to all of our recent clients as well as past customers, clients and friends who have either done business directly with us or referred their family members or friends to us for real estate in

A #1 Thanks to you!2021-03-12T00:29:55+00:00

Spring Cleaning Tips to Sell

Selling this year?  With improving weather and spring in the air it’s time to get outside and take a good hard and objective look at your home and property through the eyes of a buyer.  It’s time to wash away that winter grunge that’s clinging

Spring Cleaning Tips to Sell2021-03-12T00:30:07+00:00

Have you got a Bucket List?

I’ve always been a list kind of guy.  In the morning, over coffee, I make my daily TO DO list, in December I layout my next years business plan and make more TO DO lists. My favourite list however, is my “Bucket List”.  If you

Have you got a Bucket List?2021-03-12T00:30:12+00:00

My Favourite Real Estate Poem ~ circa 1917!

If you've been putting off buying or selling... Procrastination I hesitate to make a list Of all the countless deals I've missed; Bonanzas that were in my grip- I watched through my fingers slip; The windfalls that I should have bought Were lost because I

My Favourite Real Estate Poem ~ circa 1917!2021-03-12T00:30:18+00:00

Welcome to Our Blog

With all the hype of social media we thought it timely to bring blogging into our Real Estate business. It's a great way for us to provide interesting Real Estate tid bits as well as being a good way to get to know us on

Welcome to Our Blog2021-03-12T00:30:26+00:00
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